Improve Your Audio Recordings With Audacity

Improve the quality of your voice recordings in videos, podcasts, voiceover, and more.

This course will teach you how to improve the quality of recorded voice for your videos, YouTube, podcast and more.

You will learn how to improve the quality of your recording so that it sounds more professional using Audacity, a free open source software, in an hour or less.

The tutorials here is based on the latest stable version of Audacity, version 2.2.0.

The course is designed to get you started even if you know nothing about Audacity, and start improving your voice recordings immediately.

The video tutorials here are concise.

  • It is designed to help you get started editing your audio within an hour or less.
  • Get an overview of the interface
  • Learn how to reduce noise
  • Create natural sounding audio
  • Other tips beyond Audacity to get better audio

Intended Audience: video creator, YouTuber, tutorial creator

Where To Download Official Audacity
Audacity Installation
Overview Of Audacity's Layout
Setting Preferences
Installing FFmpeg And LAME
Importing Audio Into Audacity
Create Your First Recording
Basic Edits For Audio
Reducing Background Noise
Reducing Noise Using A Noise Gate
Reducing Low Frequency Rumble
Reducing High Frequency Hissing Noise
Using Equalization To Tweak Your Voice
Raising Recording Levels With Normalize Effect
Exporting Your Recording
Working More Efficiently
Reducing Breathing Sounds
Getting The Best Sound With Your Existing Equipment

What's included

  • 18 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

James Woo